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the dogged truth about recycling water for dogs

It is possible, but...

It is not practical in almost all cases. Our recycling systems are built with non-chemical sanitizing, a proprietary multi-stage filtering system for heavy loads of fur, and a hybrid fresh-exchange reservoir that is large enough (+2000 gallons) to handle the requirement. The use of a recycling system intended for dogs requires a very unique (and expensive) set of components that are unlike anything commonly sold for swimming pools or people splash pads. Even then, be prepared for intense maintenance, expensive upkeep, and considerable down-time. Please do not let anyone tell you that a swimming pool or splash pad system is sufficient for this purpose! You will put your dogs, staff, and business at serious risk. The option is our automated freshwater control centers that are by far the best choice for most of our customers. They are vastly less expensive (both to purchase and to operate) chemical-free, require very little maintenance and have virtually zero health-safety concerns. 

Kids yes. Dogs no.

Recycled water must be chemically treated. This is okay for children because kids don't instinctively bite and drink flying water. Neither will kids absorb chemicals and recycled pee and poo into their fur. Chemically treated water as required for a spray park intended for kids is unhealthy for dogs. This includes chlorine, bromine, and salt systems that turn salt into chlorine and may also create high levels of bromoform that can be even worse.

"But my dog swims in our pool!"

Yes, dogs swim in pools and lakes but do not chase it and drink it as they will with spraying and jumping water in a splash pad. Pools also contain a large body of water with natural sunlight to provide U.V. cleansing. They are much more chemically stable than a splash pad system. Splash pads and spray parks that are recycled, use a below-ground tank with only a tiny fraction of water compared to a pool. This reservoir has no natural U.V. and requires an intense chemical application that will wildly oscillate to keep up as user loads change. This is very different from a swimming pool.

Not so Eco-Friendly after all...

Here is the real kicker; With a recycling system, only a fraction of the water will make it back to be recycled anyway! Dogs' fur will carry out an amazing amount of water as well as water loss by natural elements like wind and evaporation. The bottom line is that you will not be saving that much water after all. Put the emphasis on conserving by using our sequencing and throttling systems to increase efficiency. They work great, are totally safe and clean, and will cost you tens of thousands less to install and to operate!

Call us for more information on this important topic.

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