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Got more Questions Big Fella?
(don't worry lot's of people do too)

(Don't worry lot's of people do too.)


Q. - What is the surface made of?

A. -  Brushed concrete with a colored anti-slip sealer to reduce porosity is the best and the most popular. Other surfacing options include stamped concrete and premixed colored concrete.

It is  important to avoid "Safety Surfaces," a.k.a. soft or rubberized playground-style surfacing. While these surfaces may seem tempting, they are not suitable for this application.  Aside from the material that is not designed to withstand dog claws, droplets of dirty water, pee and poo can become trapped within the surface. This breeds bacteria that may put both dogs and people at serious health risks. It will also stink. Contact us for more information on this important topic if you are considering using this type of material for your K9 splash pad.

Q. - How much water will my splash pad use?

A. -  Since you control the operating patterns and session times, you will control water usage. It all depends on the choice of features, pad size, programmed sequencing patterns, and the operating schedule you set. Our features are super-efficient, so they create lots of cool action from a relatively small amount of water. Plus, adding our exclusive PuddlePlay system will actually reduce overall water use by up to 3x or more.

Q. -  Can we recycle the water?

A. - No. Recycling splash pad water intended for dogs will expose your pets, customers, and staff to serious health and safety risks as well as a significant expense and unrelenting maintenance and repairs. Freshwater systems that drain away are not only totally safe and clean, it is also simpler to operate, maintain, and is far more economical. Please contact us for more about this  important topic and the potential liability risks it will present to your business. 

​​​Q. -  Can I use well water?


A. -   We have many clients who successfully run their H2O Fido splash pads by well water and some with raised gravity tanks. We'll need more information about your particular project and existing well, but it is generally fine.

Q. -  What kind of upkeep is required?

A. -   Our freshwater control kiosks require almost no maintenance, and an occasional wiping down of the spray features and sweeping of the deck is about all that is necessary. Drain grates and (when necessary) sump basins will need to be cleared of dog hair routinely - depending on the amount of use. Our controller manifolds use solenoid valves that can falter after a few years. These take about 10 minutes to replace, are inexpensive, and can be done by almost anyone.


Q. -  What is the cost?

A. - Our projects come in a wide range of designs and components to fit most any commercial budget. DIY (build) packages can start well under $10,000, while our complete turnkey packages, including design, mechanical equipment, spray features, and installation, start at around $25,000 for a basic splash pad. It all depends on your design criteria and how extraordinary you want your project to be. Whatever the budgetary needs, we work hard to provide the best possible solution for every client we serve. This means results you can depend on to function safely and properly for decades of service and investment in long-term increased profits for your business. 

Q. -  Do you provide financing?

A. -   Yes. We offer financing on any of our projects packages over $10,000.00 and for up to 7 years. Contact us for more information on how you can get your water park started. Our lease/purchase program may also provide some great tax advantages to your business.



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