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things people ask us the most

Who buys H2O Fido splash pads? (2007- 2022)
Pet Day Care, Kennel, Veterinary Hospital - 69%
Animal Shelter - 9%
Municipality  - 9%
Dog Friendly Food and Beverage - 8%

Pay-to-Play - 3%
- 2%

Safety and Maintenance?
H2O Fido splash pads are safe for both dogs and people
Maintenance is minimal - generally less than 5 minutes per day

Water systems are chemical free

What is H2O Fido made of?
Our water features are made of heavy grade 304 stainless steel
Accessory panels are made with 6061 or 5052 aluminum
Features are finished with non-toxic industrial powder coating

What powers an H2O Fido splash pad?
Your water effects will be powered by the water pressure at your facility

The automation system will be powered by 120v electricity
Touch sensor activators are powered by 14v (low volt) electricity

What is the surface of the splash pad made of?
Concrete - like a patio or driveway

How much does it cost to operate?
H2O Fido splash pads are designed to operate efficiently with automated sequencing that continuously controls flow while keeping the pad active. For most medium sized splash pads, the average flow rate is around 12 gallons per minute. Most clients offer 2 to 3 "splash times" per day during the warm months. As you will be offering a "water park" for dogs your water bill will increase some depending on your settings. Most see an increase from between $100 - $400 per month during their busy season. Our PuddlePlay systems can significantly reduce this amount. Electricity is minimal - about the same as powering a computer

Who installs an H2O Fido splash pad?

Most projects are built by local General Contractors
We also offer
our own specialized crews but costs include travel

Are permits required to build the splash pad?

It depends on your overall project and local building dept. requirements We provide the necessary documents for obtaining a permit if required

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