Making dogs and their owners happy depends on making our Clients happy first. So when you call on H2O Fido, the vision and goals you have for adding water play to your business become our own. That's why we don't sell to our customers; we team with them, which results in relationships that last well beyond your opening day splash.

We really enjoyed working with H20 Fido. They were very thorough in explaining the design process and the science behind dog splash pads. H20 Fido has excellent customer service between answering questions, problem solving, and overall support. This was our first dog splash pad, and H20 Fido made it a very seamless process. The dogs at the apartment complex absolutely love it! Highly recommend!



Mike Loomis

Landscape Fusion


"...Working with H2O Fido was a great experience.  They were extremely helpful and made it a point to provide above and beyond service so that we were happy with the end product.  Having a water feature at Camp Bow Wow Phoenix has provided so many great experiences for the pups and the pet parents. The splash pads provide a great talking point, an incredible visual and a fun environment for the pups to run around in the sun!..."



Travis Pensky

Pet Resort Owner


“The splash pads are a big hit with both the dogs and their owners. H2O Fido walked us through the design, installation, and operation of the pads and have been fantastic at answering questions and concerns. The customer service at H2O Fido is top-notch!”



Laura VanGerpen

Membership Play Resort for Dogs Owner


"I purchased an 8 feature layout for our doggie daycare and boarding facility. Although this was expensive, it was the single best investment that we made. The dogs love it, the people love, the staff loves it. It performs perfectly. The software is super easy to use to program it to do what you want it to do. The ability to control the amount of water is cool. It is all freshwater, no chemicals, and no filters. I would highly suggest that if you are getting into this business that you make this investment, just don't do it if you are near Pittsburgh as I want to be the only one. Come by anytime and see it. If I could give 6 or 7 stars I would!"


Brad Childs

Dog Daycare and Life Flight Dog Rescue Owner


"Our clients are amazed at how much fun the splash pads are for the dogs! We are completely thrilled that we had them installed, just seeing the dogs play and have a great time brings us and the owners such joy!"



Lana Daniels

​Pet Resort and Day Care Owner


"With a high-end facility like Pet Lodge Pet Resort, the H2OFido product was a perfect match for us and our customers. Dogs really, really enjoy it!"



Jeff Hoen

Pet Resort Owner


“...H2O Fido was a delight to work with from start to finish. They delivered a fabulous water park that the dogs love to play in and our clients love to watch! All within budget and on schedule. I highly recommend H2O Fido to any pet resort looking to set themselves apart from the competition!"



Charlene Shaper 

Pet Resort and Veterinarian Administrator

New York

"...Thanks for the great work you and your team did to make things happen on the schedule we needed! … The dogs so far have loved it, and it has been a hit with staff, volunteers, and donors."



Joel Clark

Guide Dogs Training Center, Executive Director


"...We hired H2O Fido to build a dog splash pad at our vet hospital. They were so great and professional to work with. The project exceeded our expectations and looks Amazing! We are so proud of it and the dogs absolutely love it."


Dr. Sheri Cone

Animal Hospital Owner


"H20 FIDO: We cannot begin to thank you for all your products we have here...both types of benches are beautiful as well as practical. And our DOXIE TUNNEL ...priceless! "


Ann Davies 

Dog Sanctuary Owner



"My dogs LOVED the H2O Fido splash pads when we visited the Beneful dog park in Alabama!!! Still going strong after so many years!"



Dog Owner


"H20 Fido was an absolute pleasure to work with on our project with the local humane society. They truly went above and beyond on their customer service and we would recommend them to anyone considering their products and services, especially since they’re Made in the U.S.A.!"



Springfield Builders