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See why our experienced design and premium quality equipment will be a great addition to your Dog Friendly Facility!

At H2O Fido we offer custom solutions as well as pre-designed build packages that will have your furry customers making a splash in no time. 

Our Turnkey Process

Conceptual Design and Estimate

Check out our Design Center page for basic ideas on styles and sizes and call us for how we can create the perfect fit and theme for your space. After discussing your particular goals and budgetary requirements, we will provide a design, comprehensive cost estimate and financing options.

Drawings and Documents

Once you have chosen the perfect design for your space and ready to initiate your project, drawings are prepared. This includes documentation for any required civil and code approvals that may apply as well as construction drawings. 

Equipment and Construction

Fabrication begins on your spray features, water management system, and other mechanical equipment. Once completed, all are delivered and professionally installed by our crew. Generally allow 6-8 weeks for complete process.


Why H2O Fido?

With more than 25 years of experience in the design and construction of aquatics for children, we have learned one thing; Splash Pads for dogs are a very different animal! So beginning with our very first K9 splash pads in 2009, we have been innovating and developing new ways to improve the safety and fetching play qualities that make our H2O Fido projects so successful. From our uniquely computerized clean water systems* to our Fido-Friendly features and spray styles, all aspects of our designs and products are targeted on safely engaging the natural playfulness in dogs.

* Important note: Using any type of recycling water system originally intended for people can not only be dangerous for dogs, it can also be dangerous for your customers and staff. Do not let anyone try to convince you otherwise. Safety always comes first. Call us for more information on this very important subject.