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H2O Fido™ Splash Pads draw big crowds everywhere they are installed. Our municipal clients report large increases in participation and many have had to extend Dog Park hours and even add extra parking. For our Commercial clients, this same popularity drives new customers to their businesses.

Our O.E.M. K9 Splash Pads are commercial grade and made with the same precision and premium materials as any commercial water park (for people). This means decades of sustainable service keeping dogs cool and playful as well as an aesthetically awesome addition to any Dog-Friendly facility.

So how can you put one of our Splash Pads to work for you without depleting your working capital?  We offer exceptional financing packages on our turnkey O.E.M. projects. This avails our commercial customers with low monthly payments while their Splash Pads are working to drive more profits to their businesses!    


✔ Same day approvals

No penalty for early payoff

✔ Working capital is not tied up

✔ Leases are not considered liabilities on a company’s financial statement

✔ Conserves credit lines for other use

✔ Pay tomorrow’s cost with today’s dollars and inflation risk

For more information on our financing program contact Betsy Crider 877-795-0615 or Lucy Burke at 800-874-4747.